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  • Image Search

    • For searching images,
      Type in the keyword in the textbox and press the "Search!" button or simply press the "enter" key
    • Images with only faces - you can search for images with faces by checking the check box, under the search box or by slecting the "images with faces" link from the result page
    • Grayscale images: you can find just grayscale images by checking the grayscale images only check box or "grayscale images" link in the results page.
    • You access the regular search here:

  • Image Similarity Search

    • After you have done a search using keyword, click on the "Similar Images" link below the result images.
      This would display a page containing images visually similar to the current image.
    • You can further refine your searches by searching for similar images by similar colors, features, or both color and features

  • Sketch and Find

    • If you don't know the keyword, you can search for images by sketching approximate shapes.

    • You need Java enabled in the browser for this to work

    • You can access Sketch and Find here:

  • Search by Prominent Color

    • From any search page click on "Advanced options" and click on an any color from the "search by prominent color" section to search. Keyword is optional

  • Advanced Search Options


How To Prevent Your Images From appearing from

If you would like NOT to have your content indexed by the SimilgeBot (the image spider) You should do so by writing proper rules in Robots.txt in your website. SimilageBot  respects the robots.txt protocol and won't index the page/directory.

You could also have the pages blocked using a meta noindex tag.

More Information on using Robots.txt - Version Alpha - Technology Demo
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